How to Write a Resume That Will Get You an Interview-2

By MoMo5 min readJune 25,2019

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Content for ATS-Friendly resume

  • Extract keywords

In order to increase the chances of passing ATS, please ensure that your resume includes specific skills and relevant terminology. For example, if you want to apply for Software Sales, then refer to Job Description to list your own experience and write tailored content, such as: Sold SaaS/PaaS/IaaS and the name of a CRM system asked by the company. Or if you are an Engineer, you need to list the specific programming language or software required by Job Description and do not just mention “programming”.

Remember to find a "natural way" to include these keywords and phrases.

  • Avoid spelling mistakes

The system will have zero tolerance for misspellings and may even cause your resume to be ignored. Please remember to check it carefully before submission.

  • Use the same keyword

Example: Jack is a Project Manager and he wants to apply for the Senior Engineer position at a major company. The job requires more than 5 years of Software Development experience. Jack may write his experience as:

  • 5 years of Software Development experience, involving Project Management
  • 5 years of Project Management experience, including 3 years of Software Development experience

If you are a system and asked to "find the experience of five years of software development or more", which one is better? You can consider it by taking a look at the purple notes. Obviously, when the system crawls keywords, there is a risk of misunderstanding and it is recommended that we must pay attention to this.

To sum up,

Even if you apply for the same position with the same job title, the Resume or Cover Letter should not be the same, as the job description may vary depending on the company's requirement and culture. Therefore, every time you apply online, please take some time to tailor your resume and cover letter according to the job description you want to apply for. is a smart and the right tool which can help to create the tailored resume and cover letter to each job by analyzing the job description, extracting keywords as well as generating the ATS-Optimized content automatically with the help of ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing).

I would suggest that you can start preparing a copy of ATS-friendly resume and cover letter on to save time. So next time, you can just simply optimize your keywords.

Indeed, to be ATS-friendly will make you lose "uniqueness". If you want to stand out, you can use the Cover Letter to help you improve your competitiveness by optimizing keywords, highlighting individual accomplishments, and identifying job objectives. With the help of, you can get your perfect cover letter immediately and automatically after the creation of your resume.

Using the “right tool” to find a job can help you reduce the stress and uncertainty in the job search process; when you face ATS, remember: Keep it simple!